Quiz: How Well Do You Remember "Mamma Mia" The Movie?


Mamma Mia, here we go again!

Are you a fan of the characters, songs and story of "Mamma Mia"? Take this quiz to see how well you remember the movie!

 Dec 07, 2018

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What was the event that was being prepared for at the beginning of the movie?
A wedding
A funeral
A graduation

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Which of these is NOT one of the possible dads?

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What does Donna do for a living?
Villa owner
Wedding planner

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Where does the movie take place?

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How did the three possible fathers get to the island?
By helicopter
On Bill's sailboat
On Harry's private plane

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What is the name of Donna's band?
Donna and The Dynamos
Donna and The Dynamics
Donna and The Dazzlers

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What real-life band's music is featured throughout the movie?
The Carpenters

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What are the names of Harry's dogs?
Benny and Lucy
Kipper and Queenie
Lucy and Kipper

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Who wanted to find out who her father was?

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How did Donna's daughter learn that there were three different men who might be her father?
From Donna's diary
She overheard Donna talking about it
Rosie told her

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What song does Donna's daughter sing when she tells her friends she invited the men who could be her dad to the island?
Honey, Honey
Does Your Mother Know
Dancing Queen

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Who are Donna's two best friends?
Tanya and Rosie
Rosie and Stacy
Susan and Rosie

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What is Donna's last name?

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What country's flag is seen on Bill's boat?

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What song does Rosie sing to Bill at the wedding?
Dancing Queen
Take A Chance On Me

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What breaks at the end of the wedding sending water throughout the wedding party?
A wall
The ceiling
The floor

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Who was Sophie planning on marrying?

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Who gets married at the end of the movie?
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