Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Scientology?


Do you need for an audit?

What do you know about the terms, beliefs and culture of Scientology and its followers?Take this quiz to find out!

 Apr 21, 2018

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Who is the founder of Scientology?
Joseph Smith
L. Ron Hubbard
Marshall Applewhite

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What is a "thetan"?
A demon
An angelic guide
An immortal, spiritual being

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What field of medicine to Scientologists not believe in?

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How many points does Scientology's cross have?

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What did the founder of Scientology do before he created the church?
He was a musician
He was a science fiction writer
He was a stockbroker

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Who placed humans on Earth according to Scientology?
An intergalactic ruler

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How can a member be cured from illness?

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What is the meaning of the word "Scientology"?
Knowing how to know
Intergalactic peace maker
Be all you can be

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Who is the current leader of Scientology?
David Koresh
Tom Cruise
David Miscavige

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What is Scientology's drug rehab program called?

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What do you have to sign to join the high ranks of Scientology?
A billion year contract
A rider

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Which celebrity is not a member of Scientology?
Brad Pitt
Kirstie Alley
John Travolta

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What's an "E-meter"?
A device used to measure stress
A device used to measure body fat
A device used to measure electricity

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What does it mean to "blow"?
To leave the church
To not be good at something
To create an air current

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Where is Gold Base?
Clearwater, Florida
Riverside County, California
Oakland, Calfornia

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What is "Freewinds"?
A cruise ship
A compound
A book

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What is a "suppressive person"?
A member of Scientology's security team
A lower level Scientologist
A person at odds with scientology

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What country does not recognize Scientology as a religion?
United States
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