Quiz: Can You Talk Like A Southerner?

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Do you have horse sense?

Test your wits on these Southern slang terms and sayings that don't mean what you think mean! Or do they?

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You may leave the South but, the South NEVER leaves you. If you grew up in the southern United States, you take a piece of it with you wherever you go.

Your character and your voice were created in the South, and your southern charm takes you far. You have a kind and fun way about you, and it shows in how you carry yourself, the food you eat and the cute, funny slang terms and phrases you frequently say that makes everyone stop and listen!

Southern American English is colorful, warm and mostly easy to understand, although there are few phrases and words that will make people who are not from the area scratch their heads and ask "what does that mean?" If you're from South or are just a fan of the area, you'll be able to understand and use Southern colloquialisms properly! Do you know what a shopping cart is called in the South? Do you know what drink southerners refer to as a "Coke"? Do you know what means when you're "fixin to" do something? Do you know what it means when someone is having a "hissy fit"? Lord willing and the Creek don't rise, we sure hope you do!

So, grab a sweet tea and take a load off. Take this quiz to see how well you can answer the eighteen questions on Southern slang phrases and words. Wr know you can ace it—you've a little Dixie in you, after all!

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