Quiz: Can You Actually Get 10/15 On This Baptist Slang Quiz?



If you grew up in as a Southern Baptist, you will know all these terms are. Take the quiz to find out your score!

 Nov 05, 2017

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What does "I agape you" mean?
I love you.
I welcome you.
I thank you.

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What is an "awomen corner"?
A place where vocal female worshippers sit in church.
A smaller room for worship.
An area to the left of the altar in church.

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What is "cafeteria Christianity"?
A Christian who accepts some orthodox doctrines but rejects others.
A Christian who eats in cafeterias.
A Christian who works in the food service industry.

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When is the Baptist Annual Meeting?

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What does BCM stand for?
Baptist College Missionaries
Bible College Missionaries
Baptist Campus Ministries

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How often is the Brotherhood Breakfast?
Once a month.
Once a year.
Once a week.

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What is Centrifuge?
A camp for Baptist missionaries.
A camp for Baptist youth
A Bible study for new Baptists.

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What does the church clerk do?
Takes money from parishioners.
Records minutes at meetings.
Gives out parking passes at sermons.

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What is "Communion"?
A choir of parishioners.
The Lord's Supper.
A joining together of parishioners.

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What does it mean to be "farewelled"?
To leave the church of your own accord
To move to another church
To publicly declare that someone is no longer part of the church

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What does a hand clap of praise signify?
To applaud as an act of worship
To applaud the pastor his sermon
To give parishioners the high five

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What is CrossPoint?
A hiking team
A Baptist sports camp.
A fitness gym

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What does "DOM" stand for?
Director of Missions
Disciple of Missions
Director of (Church) Marketing

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What is the "Golden Gate"?
A gateway to heaven
A bridge in San Francisco
A Southern Baptist Seminary in San Francisco.

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Where is "Mid-America" located?
Dallas, Texas
Kansas City, Kansas
Memphis, Tennessee
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