Quiz: Are You More Emotionally Or Intellectually Intelligent?

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Do you think with your head or your heart?

Do you react emotionally or do you use logic and intellect in your decision making. Take this quiz and find out!

 May 01, 2018

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Are you outgoing?
It depends on the situation
No, I am pretty shy

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Do you like to be in large groups of people?
It depends—will I get crushed?
Not so much
It's pretty fun!

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Would you walk into a social situation where you don't know anyone?
As long as I can bring a friend!
Sure, why not?
No way!

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Are you late for appointments?
Never—I am punctual
All the time
Define "late"

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Do you have a lot of friends?
A lot of acquaintances and a few besties
Not really—I'm a loner

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Do you act immediately in a situation?
No, I weigh my options
Depends on what the situation calls for

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What kind of movies do you like?

8 of 22Pick one!

Do you keep in touch with old friends?
I try but life gets in the way
No—once we've moved on, we've moved on

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Would you lie to protect someone's feelings?
When it's called for—yes
No—truth is always best

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What do you do when someone cries?
Run away
Comfort them
Make them see the bright side

11 of 22Pick one!

Are you a person that makes plans in advance?
I try to but am not always successful

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Do you prefer to spend downtime alone or with friends?
A little of both!
With friends

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Do you get so lost in thoughts that you are unaware of your surroundings?
It has happened, but not often

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Do you respond to emails quickly and have an organized in box?
I try to manage as best I can

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Are you relaxed under pressure?
A couple deep breaths and I'll be fine

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Do you initiate conversations?
If I feel comfortable enough doing so

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Do you consider yourself highly motivated?
Not really—I am in my head a lot
Sometimes I'm more motivated than others

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Are you tidy?
I try to keep things neat, but it does get out of control at times
No—I am pretty sloppy!

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Are you worried about what people think of you?
No, not really
A little at times
All the time

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Do you have a creative outlet?
I'd like to when I have time

21 of 22Pick one!

Do you have a pet?
I'd like to, but I don't now

22 of 22Pick one!

Do you ever feel insecure?
I can be insecure, but I try to be confident too
No, I am pretty confident
All the time
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