Quiz: Are You More Book Smart Or Street Smart? Find Out Now!

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How do you rate your common sense?

Do you have more common sense or is your head always stuck in a book. Take this quiz to test your street smarts vs. book smarts!

 Feb 27, 2018

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What do you do when you run out of gas?
You never run out of gas
Start walking to the nearest gas station
Call AAA

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When you leave your house, what's the first thing you do?
Make sure the door is locked behind you
Get in your car
Make sure you have your keys

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A man asks you to play a game of chess in the park for a little wager. What do you do?
Ask him if he'd rather play checkers instead
Take him on—you're a pretty great chess player and you've got a shot!
Decline, he's a pro who will win your cash easily

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What is another name for the South Pole?
The Arctic

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When you're in a crowd, where is the best place to carry your wallet?
Your back pocket
Your front pocket
Your backpack

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Which nail grows the fastest?
Middle finger
Index finger

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When does February have 29 days?
Once every two years
Once every 4 years

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What do you do when you're on fire?
Run and scream
Stop, drop, and roll
Poor the nearest liquid on the burn

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Someone texts you while you're driving. What do you do?
Ignore it until you've stopped driving
Call them back immediately
Text them—it can't wait!

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Where is the smallest bone in the body?
The ear
The foot
The hand

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A friend has invited you to a show but its on a weeknight and you have to get up for work. What do you do?
Go anyway, come home late and work the next day on no sleep
Drive yourself so you can limit your time
Decline the invitation

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What does the roman numeral L represent?

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How often should you change your social media passwords?
Once every five years
Every three months
Never—how else would you remember them?

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You are walking your dog when you spot another dog without a leash coming toward you. What do you do?
Go in the opposite direction
Let them sniff each other—all dogs are friendly
Run at it and scream

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A friend invites you over for dinner but is serving something you're allergic to. What do you do?
Take it home with you and dump it there—you don't want to be rude
Eat it and hope for the best
Decline the dish

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What is the currency of Japan?

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You have extra charges on your bank statement? What do you do?
Nothing, you probably paid for something you just don't remember
Report them immediately
Start making more money—you're buying too much stuff!

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What is a group of crows called?

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You get a prescription from your doctor with specific instructions. What do you do?
Take the medicine when you feel like it
Follow them as directed
Take the medicine until you feel better

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You've lost your way on a trip and your phone has no service. How do you get there?
Consult a paper map
Ask for directions
Wing it, you'll get there eventually!
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