Quiz: If You Can Accurately Answer These 18 Trivia ?'s, You Have A 150+ IQ

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Are you a trivia champ?

Think you could ace a round of bar trivia? Put your knowledge to the ultimate test with this tricky trivia quiz right here and now to find out!

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Bar trivia has the same "thrill of victory and agony of defeat" moments any other sports has. We've all been there—on a team, drinks in hand—competing against another group for a shot at a random prize. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose to the crew at the table next to you, and, boy, can that loss sting.

Trivia quizzes are the perfect way to pass time while you're alone, but did you know by doing so, you're also exercising your mind? And if you continue to do so, yes, you can be a person someone would be proud to have on their bar trivia team.

So, sit back, relax and put on your thinking cap. Answer these eighteen questions about a range of subjects, which span from geography, history, pop culture, language, medicine, and, well, more. Not only will you have loads of fun taking the quiz, you'll probably learn something and, over time, actually train your mind to handle not only random trivia but brainteaser questions and answers in a competitive setting. And what can be cooler than helping your friends go for the trivia gold?

Are you game? Good!

Have a go at this challenging and fun random trivia quiz and see how well you know these general knowledge questions and topics. We believe in your skills, and we have no doubt you'll ace it, and when you do, we expect to see you at the bar flexing your mental muscles!

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