Quiz: Can You Actually Pronounce All Of These Rams Players Names?

Marcus Peters
via Instagramer @mpjuiceman

Are you an LA Rams fanatic?

Los Angeles officially has an NFL team! Show how much you know about its players by pronouncing all its players' names correctly!

 Jan 19, 2019

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Jared Goff
Wikimedia Commons/Jeffrey Beall/CC BY 4.0
Jay•red Gee •off
Jah•red Gawf
Jah•red Goof

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Aaron Donald
via Instagramer @aarondonald99
Air • rone Don • ald
Air • ron Don • ald
Ay • ron Don • ald

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Todd Gurley
via Instagramer @tg4hunnid
Todd • Guh • lee
Todd Gir • lee
Todd Gur • ney

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Ndamukong Suh
Wikimedia Commons/Keith Allison/CC BY-SA 2.0
Ndam • u • kong Suuh
Ndom • u • kong Sue
Dam • uke • kong Suuh

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Aqib Talib
Wikimedia Commons/Jeffrey Beall/CC BY 4.0
A • qu • eeb Tah • lib
A • qu • eeb Tah • leeb
A • qu • ib Tah • lib

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Marcus Peters
via Instagramer @mpjuiceman
Mar • cuss •  Pea • turs
Mar • kiss •  Pea • turs
Mar • cuss •  Pet • turs

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Cooper Kupp
via Instagramer @cooperkupp
Coo • pir Coop
Coo • purr • Coop
Coo • purr • Cup

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Brandin Cooks
via Instagramer @thearcher
Brand • in Cooks
Brand • on Cooks
Brand • in Kooks

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Nnamka Samson Ebukam
via Instagramer @amysosa_3
Sam • son E • buck • am
Sam • sin E • buck • ham
Sam • son E • book • am

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Greg Zuerlein
via Instagramer @gregzuerlein
Greg Zir • lane
Greg Zoo • lane
Greg Zur • loon

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Andrew Whitworth
via Instagramer @andrewwhitworth77 Verified
Andrew White • worth
Andrew Whit • worth
Andrew Whit • wooruth

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Tyler Higbee
via Instagramer @higbeedoe
Tyler Hig • bee
Tyler Hig • bey
Tyler High bee

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KhaDarel Hodge
via Instagramer @khadarelh
Kha • Darel Hodge
Kha • Dayrel Hog
Kay • Dayrel Hodge

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Nickell Robey
via Instagramer @wordonrobey
Nickeel Ro• bay
Nick • ell Robe • ee
Nick• ell Roo • bey

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Dominique Easley
via Instagramer @easie91
Do • min • eques Eas• lee
Do • min • eek Eas• lay
Do • min • eek Eas• lee

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Johnny Mundt
via Instagramer @jmundt_
Johnny Mun • t
Johnny Mun • duht
Johnny Mun • dot

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Jamil Demby
via Instagramer @teamdemby
Jam • eel Dem • bye
Jam • eel Dem • bee
Jam • eel Dim • bye

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Marqui Christian
via Instagramer @dralexcorbin
Mar • quees • Chris • tan
Mar • key Christ •tan
Mar • quees • Chris • tane
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The internet, texting, and spellcheck have enabled us to get a little lazy with our grammar and pronunciation skills. While helpful and accessible, these things have also stopped us from practicing proper elocution and we sometimes struggle to remember words that are notoriously easy to sayl. If you're a person who uses proper grammar and pronunciation in today's technical age, pat yourself on the back—those skills are getting harder and harder to master!

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