Quiz: If You Can Answer These 22 NYC Questions, You Could Pass As A Local

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Are you New York born and bred?

Are you from the New York City area? Take this quiz to see how much you know as a native New Yorker!

 Aug 27, 2020

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The largest art museum in the Western Hemisphere is located in NYC, what is its name?
Whitney Museum
Guggenheim Museum
Metropolitan Museum of Art

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What NYC area is home to Washington Square, the MacDougal-Sullivan Gardens Historic District and New York University?
Greenwich Village
Hell's Kitchen

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How many commuter bridges cross the East River?

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What President was born in New York City?
Abraham Lincoln
Jimmy Carter
Theodore Roosevelt

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How many times did the Beatles play at Shea Stadium?

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Which Manhattan streets border Central Park on the North and South?
Park Ave and Broadway
59th and 110th Streets
5th and Park Avenues

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The dead outnumber the living in which borough?

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Where were immigrants coming in to New York processed?
Staten Island
Ellis Island
Liberty Island

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This world-famous hotel occupied the site of the Empire State Building until 1931.
The Plaza
Waldorf Astoria
The Chelsea

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What borough is part of Long Island?
Staten Island

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Which borough would one travel to in order to visit Yankee Stadium?
The Bronx
Staten Island

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Where was the first slice of pizza (as we know it today) made?

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What is the city's largest park?
Pelham Bay Park
Central Park
Washington Square Park

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For which church is Church Street named?
Trinity Church
Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine
St. Patrick’s Cathedral

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What roadway terminates at Washington Square Park's notable archway?
Park Avenue
5th Avenue
Avenue of the Americas

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Where is Coney Island located?
Staten Island
The Bronx

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What nickname is often used to describe Staten Island?
Little Italy
The Forgotten Borough
The Lonely Borough

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What do many New Yorkers call smoked and brined salmon (especially when on a bagel)?

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What ingredient would you actually find in an egg cream?
Orange juice

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Which New York City island in the East River is home to approximately 13,000 inmates?

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Which famous architect designed the Guggenheim?
Le Corbusier
Frank Gehry
Frank Lloyd Wright

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Which iconic literary character is from New York City?
Holden Caulfield
Atticus Finch
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Do you know all the off-the-beaten-path places New York City has to offer? Do you know what sets it apart from the rest of the state? Are you a native New Yorker? Do you think you know where the city's streets and amazing landmarks are? Did you spend time as a kid wandering its boroughs? Were the streets your playground? Can you speak in New York slang? Are you familiar with New York's history and its people?

If you answered "yes," to any of the above questions, then you might just be the real deal—an authentic, born and bred New Yorker! There's only one way for us to tell if you're faking it—by answering the questions on this quiz to prove your Big Apple mettle. We'll be able to tell if New York City is indeed in your blood or if you're just passing through! This quiz isn't for the faint of heart, but if you think you have what it takes to prove you're a New Yorker through and through, give it a try!

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