New York 101: Will Your Street Smarts Get You Through This Quiz?


How well do you know the Big Apple?

Let your street smarts be your guide as you answer questions on all things New York City! How much do you know about the Big Apple?

 Apr 08, 2018

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New York is NOT known for which food?

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Which of these airports is located in New York?
O' Hare

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What is NYC's financial center called?
Wall Street
Coney Island

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Which of these is NOT a borough?

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What pizzeria in NYC is also the first in the U.S?

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What is the NYC art museum that's also the largest of its kind in the western hemisphere called?
New York City Museum
Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Which bridge connects Manhattan to Brooklyn?
George Washington Bridge
Verrazano-Narrows Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge

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What borough is part of Long Island?
Staten Island

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The Statue of Liberty is located on what island?

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What nickname is often used to describe Staten Island?
Boogie Down
The Forgotten Borough
The Borough of Homes and Churches

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Manhattan's East and West Sides are divided by which street?
Fifth Avenue
Park Avenue
Avenue of the Americas

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What's the name of the roller coaster on Coney Island?
The Beast
The Dragon
The Cyclone

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What is the tallest building in NYC?
The Empire State Building
One World Trade Center
The Chrysler Building

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What's another nickname for New York?
The City That Never Sleeps
Sin City

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Which famous New York store was featured in a 1961 movie starring Audrey Hepburn?

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What country gifted the Statue of Liberty to the U.S.?

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In what part of Manhattan is the zoo?
Lower East Side
Upper East Side
Long Island

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Where can you see a Gutenberg Bible on display?
The New York Public Library
The Guggenheim
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