Quiz: Only A Southerner Can Name Every One Of These Landmarks. Can You?

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Y'all may live in the South, but can you recognize all it's landmarks?

Do you know what the most popular landmarks are in each Southern state? Take this quiz to find out Southern landmarks!

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The American South is known as a place of kind people with a rich culture and history. And nowhere is this more evident than in the colorful, fascinating landmarks that pepper the Southern states.

From Alabama to Tennessee, from Florida to Texas and from Kentucky to Georgia, the South is full of homes, battlegrounds, buildings, and bridges that tell the tale of not only the states they are in but of the birth of the United States itself! Did you know that some Southern states are part of the original 13 colonies? Did you know the earliest presidents had homes in Virginia? Do you know what iconic pop singer lived in Memphis? Do you know where how to tell each landmark in the Southern state mentioned by looking at just one image?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you should ace this quiz on some of the most popular and well-loved Southern landmarks. Some you'll know, while others won't be so easy. See if you have what it takes to identify the iconic places that make each state what it is!

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