Quiz: Can You Match The Fictional Character To The Children's Book?

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Enter a world of pure imagination!

If you were a bookworm as a kid, you'll be able to match these characters to the books they were in!

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You know them, you grew up with them, and we KNOW you love them! We're talking about beloved characters from the books you grew up with, and this quiz is dedicated to some of your favorites!

Before some of us even had real friends, these characters from classic children's books were our first pals! They were friends we related to and learned from. We cried at their losses and relished in their victories, and when we grew up, we never forgot them! Instead, we took the lessons we learned from them and integrated them into our adult lives. They made us better, smarter people. So, let's acknowledge them once more and give them a hand by taking this quiz to see how many of them we really remember!

The twenty-five questions in this quiz will give you a name and ask you to identify the book the character came from. If you were a young, voracious reader you'll be able to identify your favorites from "The Cat In The Hat," "Where The Wild Things Are," "Little House On The Prairie," "The Phantom Tollbooth," "The Lion, Witch And The Wardrobe," "Alice In Wonderland," and many, many more!

So, get ready, put your thinking cap on and go back in time to the classroom or bedroom of your youth and access the characters you know and love. It's been a while since you've seen them, but they've long waited to see you, and they're just dying to say hello!

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