15 Instagram Captions for Your Thrift Store Haul

thrift store

So, what did you get thrifting?

Best Thrift Store Instagram Captions

Who doesn't love to score big in a thrift store? There was even a song about it! It's become fun to see people share their thrift hauls on YouTube and Instagram. To show what you've found while thrifting, we've got just the thing— Instagram captions to flaunt your second-hand purchase. What was your favorite Instagram caption for your thrift store find? We'd love to know!

Good Thrift Store Instagram Captions

• Poppin' tags

• My favorite sport is thrifting

• Thrift store treasure hunter

• I'd rather be thrifting

• I love you to the thrift store and back

• Vintage means pre-loved

Great Thrift Store Instagram Captions

• Thrift store whore

• Second-hand superstar

• Next stop? Thrift shop!

• Gone thrifting

• It's better to donate than accumulate

• The thrift store is my happy place

Clever Insta Captions For Your Thrift Store Haul

• Yes, I shop at thrift stores. No, I am not poor.

• Old is the new new

• Thrift happens

• Good thing comes to those who thrift

• Walk a mile in my shoes and you'll end up at a thrift store

• All's fair in love and thrifting