15 Sultry Thirst Trap Instagram Captions for Everyone

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Bring the hotness to your posts!

Best Thirst Trap Instagram Captions

How good are you at posting a thirst trap? Let's define what one is first – it's a selfie that you know shows off your peak sexiness well before you get one like! It's you at your absolute hottest; in clothes or a little more scantily clad. Anyone can post a thirst trap – it doesn't matter if you're male or female, older or younger, curvy or petite. Everybody who posts pics usually wants to put their best foot forward, and when you do, you'll need some sexy Instagram captions to make them pop! To help you get attention from exes, crushes, and everyone in between, we've got you covered!

Good Thirst Trap Instagram Captions

• This girl is on fire

• The thirst is real

• Be a badass with a good ass

• When life gives you curves, flaunt them

• Best. Selfie. Ever.

Great Thirst Trap Instagram Captions

• Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons

• I woke up like this

• Confidence level: selfie with no filter

• Not everyone likes me, but not everyone matters

• 5'2" with a 6'1" attitude

Fun Insta Captions For Your Thirst Trap Pics

• "I am just as comfortable in sweats and sneakers as I am in a dress and heels. Attitude is everything!" – Blac Chyna

• "Hotness is uniqueness and just being yourself - that's hot." – Ryan Cabrera

• "You can be sexy and feel good in your skin, no matter what size you are." –  Ashley Graham

• "Carrying yourself with poise and joy and peace within - that's sexy." – Leah LaBelle

• "Beauty is grace and confidence. I've learned to accept and appreciate what nature gave me." – Lindsay Lohan

What is your favorite quote about thirst traps? We want to know!

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