The Funniest I Love Lucy Quotes for Instagram Captions

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Are you crazy in love with Lucy?

Best "I Love Lucy" Instagram Captions

Are you a fan of I Love Lucy? The show surrounding the adventures of Lucy, Ricky, Fred & Ethel has run continuously in syndication somewhere in the world since 1951! Even though the show is from the very early days of TV, it has endured because it is genuinely funny!

If you love Lucy's hilarious antics, post your Lucy-related images to Instagram with these hilarious Instagram captions we've found from the show itself. That's right—we've got all of your I Love Lucy needs covered!

Good "I Love Lucy" Instagram Captions

• "Lucy, what have you done?"- Ricky Ricardo

• "He's baba'd his last lu!"- Lucy Ricardo

• "Ever since we said ‘I do,' there have been so many things that we don't."- Lucy Ricardo

• "Lucy! I'm home!"-Ricky Ricardo

• "Here I am with all this talent bottled up inside of me and you're always sitting on the cork."- Lucy Ricardo

Great "I Love Lucy" Instagram Captions

• "Don't ask questions, just get a knife and a fork and a bottle of ketchup and follow me to the biggest barbecue in the whole world."- Lucy Ricardo

• "Think harder, we can be nastier than that."- Lucy Ricardo

• "Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!"- Ricky Ricardo

• "I know you're not going to move, but if you ever do move, don't move".- Ethel Mertz

• "All Fred's taste is in his mouth."- Ethel Mertz

Clever "I Love Lucy" Insta Captions For Your Selfies

• "My mother told me never to talk to strange men... whoever she is."- Lucy Ricardo

• "I was a bad girl and you can spank me tomorrow if there's anything left to spank!"- Lucy Ricardo

• Lucy Ricardo: "Ricky, we're revolting." Ricky Ricardo: "No more than usual."

• "Nurtz to Mertz."- Lucy Ricardo

• "This is Madam Ethel Mertzola. She'll be our medium tonight. She's psychopathic."- Lucy Ricardo

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Funny "I Love Lucy" Insta Captions

• " Happy Birthday, and I hope you live another 75 years!"- Lucy Ricardo

• " Eeeewwwww."- Lucy Ricardo

• "I made a funny."- Lucy Ricardo

• "Yeah, he's pushing 23 alright. He's pushed it all the way to 35."- Lucy Ricardo

• "You look like an ad for a trip around the world."- Lucy Ricardo

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