15 Thank U, Next Instagram Captions Perfect for Your Ex

Black and white photo of Ariana Grande seductively bitting her index finger
via Instagram: @arianagrande

Great post break up Insta captions from Ariana Grande!

Best "Thank U, Next" Instagram Captions

Are you a fan of Ariana Grande and are you all about her latest single, "Thank U, Next"? Everybody's been through a break up at least once in their lives and the song nails all the feelings that go along with it! To show how you feel about "Thank U, Next" on social media, we've gathered some great lyrical great lyrical Instagram captions to go with your post break up pics! Women.com has you covered for all things relationship-related!

Good "Thank U, Next" Insta Captions

• One taught me love, One taught me patience, And one taught me pain

• I've loved and I've lost

• Look what you taught me

• Thank you, next

• I'm so f--n' grateful for my ex

Great "Thank U, Next" Instagram Captions

• Spend more time with my friends, I ain't worried 'bout nothin'

• Plus, I met someone else, We havin' better discussions

• One day I'll walk down the aisle

• Gon' make that shit last

• I've got so much love, Got so much patience

Inspirational Insta Captions For "Thank U, Next"

• I've learned from the pain

• I turned out amazing

• I've loved and I've lost

• But that's not what I see, 'Cause look what I've found

• Ain't no need for searching