15 Fitting Captions for All Your Sweater Weather Posts


Bundle up!

Here Are the Only Sweater Weather Instagram Captions You Need

It's getting to be that time againβ€”autumn is nearly here.

With fall comes pumpkin spice, falling leaves, and cozy sweaters. That's right, it's sweater weather again, and what better way to celebrate than by posting your favorite looks of the season on social media?

Whenever you wear your favorite cardigan or pullover, use one of these Instagram captions to help you show it off. We've got you covered for all your coziest looks!

Good Sweater Weather Instagram Captions

  • "Sweater weather is better weather."

  • "Hello, fall!"

  • "Break out the sweater."

  • "Cozy in cashmere."

  • "Sweater weather mood."

Great Sweater Weather Instagram Captions

  • "A long sweater, good boots, and stretchy jeans are my fall fashion must-haves." -Sofia Richie

  • "I have a sweater obsession, I guess." -Drake

  • "Put on a sweater and really great sneakers with a big scarf, and you'll look so stylish. For me, they are an everyday essential." -Meghan Markle

  • "To feel at ease, I wear trousers and a cashmere sweater." -Lindsey Wixson

  • "Comfort is key. So during the day, it's usually, like, jeans and a sweater." -Amanda Hearst

Fun Insta Lyrics for Your Cozy Sweater

  • "Use the sleeves of my sweater, let's have an adventure." -The Neighbourhood

  • "Put your hands on my cashmere sweater, don't it make you feel better?" -Nerf Herder

  • "Sleeping in your sweater, your skin and your smile."Β -Jillette Johnson

  • "Can I have your sweater, 'cause it's cold, cold, cold." -Tori Amos

  • "Grab your favorite sweater, we're in for nasty weather." -Foxygen

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