You're a City Slicker When You Post 15 Subway Captions for IG


Calling all straphangers!

Best Subway Instagram Captions

Is the subway your favorite way to get anywhere? New York City, London, Paris, and nearly every major city around the world have complex subway systems to get its residents from point A to point B. Sometimes there's more to it than travel—you may see some talented buskers or dancers while on your way to where you're going and you may even make a friend while on your journey! If you love the subway, give it a shout out with some great Instagram captions to accompany your pics. We've got you covered for your next trip!

Good Subway Instagram Captions

• "If there's an intellectual highway, there's also an intellectual subway." – Stanley Crouch

• "You don't look at each other on the subway." – Simon Pegg

• "Every day I walk down the street or hop on the subway, I am reminded that I am a citizen of a very big, incredibly diverse world." – Shaun King

• "If I ever have to stop taking the subway, I'm gonna have a heart attack." – Edward Norton

• "When you're on the street or in the subway, you're experiencing more of the diversity of New York." – Chloe Sevigny

Great Subway Instagram Captions

• "I don't even believe in magic, or ghosts or anything like that, and yet in a city like New York, on the subway, I definitely see ghosts and art seems to have some magical properties." – Eric Drooker

• "You sit or stand in the subway, and you look around - I do, because I don't have a phone so I'm not playing a game - and you see people." – Fran Lebowitz

• "In New York, you've got Donald Trump, Woody Allen, a crack addict and a regular Joe, and they're all on the same subway car." –Ethan Hawke

• "In a place like New York, even if you're alone on the subway, you never feel lonely."– Ana Gasteyer

•  "I once asked a policeman how far it was to the subway. he said, "I don't know, no one has ever made it." – Rodney Dangerfield

Fun Subway Insta Lyrics For Your Next Trip

• "Don't sleep in the subway, darlin', Don't stand in the pouring rain" – Petula Clark

• "Moved to a tear by the subway break dancer" – Nada Surf

• "9 AM on a New York subway, Strap a hanging, commuting on the double A" – Londonbeat

• "Stairway going one way to the subway, Waiting for the train" – Blondie

• "The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls and tenements halls and whispered in the sounds of silence." – Simon & Garfunkel

What is your favorite quote about the subway? We want to know!

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