You'll Be Classy AF When You Use These 15 Savannah IG Captions

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Best Savannah Instagram Captions

When you think of places that are quintessentially southern, look no further than Savannah. This small Georgia town oozes with charm—every picture you take there will be instantly social media worthy, so why not dress your photos up with some great Instagram captions to show how much you love this adorable city!

Savannah is a pedestrian-friendly favorite for the entire family. It's filled with beautiful cobblestone streets lined with moss-laden oaks, but the city has so much more to offer including great people, delicious restaurants, and a wealth of history. If you're from Savannah or headed there on a trip, share your adventure with the world—we've got you covered!

Good Savannah Instagram Captions

• Georgia on my mind

• Everyone gets a second chance in Savannah

• Savannah smile!

• Bananas for Savannah

• I'm a sucker for Savannah

Great Savannah Instagram Captions

• Savannah is as pretty as a peach

• Savannah starts here

• I wasn't born in Savannah, but I got here as fast as I could

• Raised up down home

• Sweet Savannah girl

Inspirational Insta Quotes To Show Your Love Of Savannah

• "Savannah is amazing with the town squares and the hanging moss and the French Colonial houses. It's brutally romantic." – David Morrissey

• "I beg to present you as a Christmas gift the city of Savannah." – William Tecumseh Sherman

• "Savannah is a . . . lovely pastel dream of tight cobbled streets. . . . There are legendary scenes . . . to rival any dreamed up by Tennessee Williams." – Rosemary Daniell

• "I recall my fleeting instants in Savannah as the taste of a cup charged to the brim." – Henry James

• "I am proud to be a Southerner. I think Southern hospitality is very... I don't think it's just a term. I think it really exists. You can come to Savannah, and the people are so sweet and so nice." – Paula Deen

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