You'll Have A Colorful Time Laughing At These 15 Rainbow Puns


Celebrate all the colors of the rainbow!

Best Rainbow Instagram Captions

After a storm, you can't help but be happy when you look at rainbows. Rainbows signify hope after darkness, and they just plain make us feel good! When you see your next rainbow, take pictures and spread the love on social media with some funny and inspirational Instagram captions about these colorful and happy weather events.

Everyone needs to smile now and again, and you can make that happen with our help. You know what they say about smiles—they're infectious, and surely you'll end up smiling yourself after you post! For all things rainbows, we've got you covered!

Good Rainbow Instagram Captions

• Look at the world through rainbow-colored glasses

• My favorite color is rainbow

• You're my rainboo

• Rain bae, don't go away

• What happens over the rainbow, stays over the rainbow

Fun Rainbow Instagram Captions

• I couldn't afford the pot of gold, so I got you the rainbow instead

• Be a rainbow in someone's cloud

• If you're blue, select another color in the rainbow

• Don't miss the colors of the rainbow looking for your pot of gold

• The greater the storm, the brighter your rainbow

Clever Insta Captions About Rainbows

• "You'll never find a rainbow if you're looking down." –  Charlie Chaplin

• "Everybody wants happiness, and nobody wants pain, but you can't have a rainbow without a little rain." – Zion Lee

• "Today's teardrops are tomorrow's rainbows." – Ricky Nelson

• "Even damnation is poisoned with rainbows." – Leonard Cohen

• "If the rainbow had an eighth color, it would be you." — Scarlet Lucia Rey

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