Make Your Pics “Pop” With 16 Lyrics From Poppy for IG Captions


What do you believe?

Best Poppy Instagram Captions

Poppy is a pop star, actor, director, composer, and YouTube sensation who is taking the Internet by storm! Her unique blend of fashion and music, which combines genres from metal to pop and beyond, is winning fans daily. If you're a fan of Poppy's or just discovering her and can't wait to see what she does next, share some of her amazing lyrics as Instagram captions to make your pics "pop"! Poppy has certainly grabbed our attention, and she'll surely do the same for your feed!

Good Poppy Instagram Captions

• "Sugar in my teeth, demons in my dreams" – Concrete

• "What do you believe when everyone is watching?" – Bloodmoney

• "I look in the mirror, And laugh at the past in the face of the fear" – Choke

• "Are you feeling like I'm feeling?" – In A Minute

• "Life can be like a dream if you let me be your queen" – I'm Poppy

Great Poppy Instagram Captions

• "I wanna be adored, I want nothing more" – Adored

• "Everything's okay, 'cause we're all meant to change" – Everything I Know Is Wrong

• "We'll be safe and sound, When it all burns down" – I Disagree

• "I'm just a girl and I want to have fun" – Chewing Gum

• "You're well designed but you've never been the sharpest knife" – Heavy Metal

Fun Insta Captions From Poppy

• "I wear my scary mask, When I'm afraid" – Scary Mask

• "I'm complicated, No scientist could write a paper on me" – Little Psycho

• "He took my hand and showed the way, To his sacred place" – The Holy Mountain

• "I'm working every angle, My lipstick is a staple" – Fashion After All

• "Baby we can save the world, From every evil boy and dangerous girl" – X

• "Tell me, what crimes will you make me commit?" – Hard Feelings

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