Start Fights Left and Right When You Use 15 Political Instagram Captions

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Who's side are you on?

Best Political Instagram Captions

When it comes to politics, people love to argue. It doesn't matter if they're Democrat or Republican—people are very passionate about what they believe in when it comes to how the United States should be governed, and they stick to their guns.

If you're passionate about your candidate or party, post your politically charged photos with some great Instagram captions from the election cycle! You may win friends or you may gain foes, but being behind the people you believe are the best to run this country is what America is all about! All you need to do is make it the voting booth—we've got you covered when it comes to casting your ballot on social media!

Good Political Instagram Captions

• Keep your rights by voting left


• Healthcare is a human right

• I ride the Trump train

• Classy, sassy, and Republican

Great Political Instagram Captions

• A.O.C.'s the one for me

• Boot – Edge – Edge

• I like my politics red, my wine white, and my skies blue

• Feel the Bern

• Biden my time for a better President

Fun Insta Captions For Your Political Party

• Friends don't let friends vote Democrat

• Team Kamala

• Proud to be the elephant in the room

• Win With Warren

• I just want to pet my dog and pretend like Obama is still in office

What is your favorite political quote? We want to know!

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