5 Podcasts About Female Friendship That Will Make You Smile

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Everyone needs friends!

Best Female Friendship Podcasts

There are entertaining podcasts for nearly every topic out there, but sometimes you just need a pal. That's where these podcasts that celebrate female friendships come in! Camaraderie, support and friendship among females is something that should continue throughout life and continue to be celebrated. Here, we've found just that—podcasts devoted to women walking through life as they discuss the topics and situations that come up for them every day. Here are a few of our favorites and we'd love to know what yours are too!

Call Your Girlfriend

BBFs Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman don't live close to each other anymore, but once a week they still get in touch and chat about things that are going on in their lives from workplace drama and pop culture to relationships and everything in between. For girlfriends everywhere who need their bestie to get them through the week!

Listen to Call Your Girlfriend here.

Forever 35

Friends Kate and Doree look at life through an irreverent, witty lens as they discuss health, beauty, parenthood and beyond, and how it all takes on different meaning as they approach middle age. Different guests also weigh in on these topics in each episode.

Listen to Forever 35 here.


Girlfriendology isn't just a podcast—it's a movement by women, for women and about women. It celebrates female empowerment through friendship as well as gives tips on travel, business, and life in general. Debba Haupert shares friendship advice and inspires women to be better to one another.

Listen to Girlfriendology here.

Between Us Girls

Friends Michel, Sharonda, and Danielle navigate life together using the strength of their friendship as they take on topics publicly that are normally discussed privately. Don't forget the wine!

Listen to Between Us Girls here.


Just because you're a mom doesn't mean friendship with other like-minded women should fall by the wayside! Moms need friends more than ever and #MomsGotThis fills that void daily every Monday through Thursday, featuring interviews with accomplished entrepreneurs and who also just happen to be parents.

Listen to #MomsGotThis here.

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