15 Michael Jackson 'Thriller' Lyrics for Instagram Captions

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Insta captions for your "Thriller" Halloween!

Best "Thriller" Instagram Captions

Are you a fan of Michael Jackson's "Thriller"? It's a timeless tune! If you love Halloween and you love to participate in all things ghouls and goblins, you'll want to commemorate the occasion with not only a scary Halloween costume but "Thriller" itself! And we have the best Instagram captions celebrating the King of Pop's creepy classic to keep you covered!

Good "Thriller" Instagram Captions

• It's close to midnight, something evil's lurking from the dark

• You try to scream, but terror takes the sound before you make it

• This is thriller, thriller night

• No one's gonna save you from the beast about to strike

• There ain't no second chance against the thing with forty eyes

Great "Thriller" Instagram Captions

• The dead start to walk in their masquerade

• There's demons closing in on every side

• Now is the time for you and I to cuddle close together

• I can thrill you more than any ghoul would ever dare try

• I'm gonna bring it tonight

Clever Insta Captions For Your "Thriller" Halloween

• I'm gonna thrill you tonight

• Creatures crawl in search of blood, to terrorize y'all's neighborhood

• Whosoever shall be found, without the soul for getting down

• The funk of forty thousand years

• For no mere mortal can resist, the evil of the Thriller!