22 Medical School Instagram Captions That Are Too Real

Twin nurses with babies.
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Need med school captions?

Best Medical School Instagram Captions

Are you in med school? If so, you know all about what takes to study medicine—long hours, little sleep and lots of time hitting the books. When you need to let off some steam, we have just the thing—Insta photos! And, course, you'll need Instagram captions to accompany them. Women.com has you covered with the best captions we could find so you don't have to think beyond your studies, but still have one of the best Instagram accounts around!

Good Medical School Instagram Captions

• Clueless during clinicals

•  9 out of 10 injections are in vein

• Conjunctivitis is a site for sore eyes

• Nurses are patient people

•  Med school is humerus

Great Instagram Captions For Medical School

• Hello kidney

• Med school stole my heart

• I lobe med school

• Numb from the toes down

• It's going tibia okay

Funny Insta Quotes For Med School

• "If you want to succeed in med school, just two things - don't fall in love and don't fall behind."- Unknown

• "Psychiatrist: A head coach."- Unknown

• "Cold: An ailment cured in two weeks with a doctor's care, and in fourteen days without it."- Unknown

• "Finish last in your league and they call you idiot. Finish last in medical school and they call you doctor."- Abe Lemons

• "Babies used to make me nervous, but these squirmy things are awesome once you've read the manual."- David Z. Hirsch

Clever Insta Captions For Med School Selfies

• My heart is racing like an epinephrine drip.

• ICU in my dreams.

• Wanna go study some anatomy?

• I hope someday to be your emergency contact.

• Optimistic med school optometrist: "They'll see. They'll ALL see."

• They told me I had Type A blood, but it was a Type O