15 Lil Dicky Instagram Captions for All Your ‘Freaky Friday’ Pics

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Best Lil Dicky Instagram Captions

Lil Dicky first attracted attention through his viral YouTube video "Ex-Boyfriend," which was later featured on his debut mixtape, So Hard. He followed it up with his debut album, Professional Rapper in 2015. It was an instant smash and propelled Dicky into the stratosphere. His next album drops in this year and the first track and video, "Freaky Friday," features Dicky trading places for a day with none other than Chris Brown and you guessed it—hilarity and hip hop ensues.

If you love Lil Dicky, we've curated some of his best lyrics from "Freaky Friday" and other classics for great Instagram captions! For all things Lil' Dicky, we've got you covered!

Good Lil Dicky Instagram Captions

• "I'm tryna to find myself like an introspective monk" – Freaky Friday

• "Every one of you from the plains to the Sahara, Let's come together and live" – Earth

• "It's never boring, every morning I wake up and try to best myself" – Professional Rapper

• "You know I don't give a damn what your plan right now" – Lemme Freak

• "Stealing all the shampoos from the hotel's pretty bathrooms"– White Crime

Great Lil Dicky Instagram Quotes

• "Really wish that I didn't care about you anymore, But I do" – Molly

• "We ain't 'bout to go and spend money just to flex on 'em" – $ave Dat Money

• "Am I alone in my praise, do you share my assessment?" – Pillow Talking

• "I swear this the most that I've felt so damn exposed" – Ex-Boyfriend

• "I got seven shots in me, three condoms on me and immeasurable hope" – Classic Male Pregame

Clever Insta Lyrics From Lil Dicky

• "I like to play it cool like I'm not that" – Who Knew

• "I know that I'm indifferent, I don't care to know what I don't" – Oh Well

• "I'm the one that you need and you just don't know it" – Personality

• "I'm bubblin' like I'm in a soda, word to Fargo" – The Antagonist

• "Conference room every day is the woes" – Work (Paid For That?)