Show Your Followers Who the Real Hero Is With 15 Lifeguard IG Captions

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Land & sea saviors!

Best Lifeguard Instagram Captions

If you've ever been a lifeguard, you know it's not an easy job, but it sure is rewarding. After all, you are saving lives! Celebrate your work day at the beach with some great Instagram captions to help your pics pop as you show everyone what at a day in the world of a lifeguard is like! Being a lifeguard allows for watery summer fun to be available to swimmers a safe way. It's a lifeguard's job to save whoever needs saving, and prevent tragedies before they happen. You focus on the beach, and we'll keep you covered for all things social media!

Good Lifeguard Instagram Captions

• Lifeguard off duty – save yourself

• I had a life, but my lifeguard job ate it

• Eat, sleep, lifeguard, repeat

• Baywatch babe

• No one drowns when we're around

Great Lifeguard Instagram Captions

• Guard hard

• Beaches be crazy

• Making a splash

• We rule the pool

• Lifeguards do it on the beach

Clever Insta Lyrics About Lifeguards

• "By the lifeguard station by the coral reef, That's where all the nude kids cut their teeth" – Ariel Pink

• "I'll rent an umbrella from the lifeguard fella with the dreamy eyes" – Skeeter Davis

• "Baby, I'll be your lifeguard through everything" – Wilson Pickett

• "Sign me up, I volunteer, Votes are in for lifeguard of the year" – Ben Kweller

• "Here come the lifeguard, I'm drowning and she seems so delicious" – Langhorne Slim

What is your favorite quote about lifeguards? We want to know!

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