18 Wet and Wild Instagram Captions for Kayaking

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Are you crazy about kayaking?

Best Kayaking Instagram Captions

When it's not summer, if you're like us, we know you miss being out on the water in a kayak. To show your love kayaking and the great outdoors, we've found some great Instagram captions that will really float your boat! If you want to show off your love of kayaking, Women.com has you covered!

Good Kayaking Instagram Captions

• I'd rather be kayaking

• Everyone must believe in something; I believe I'll go kayaking

• Life's short, paddle hard

• Keep calm and paddle on!

• Kayak more. Worry less

• Paddle party

Great Kayaking Instagram Captions

• A day spent on the water is never a waste of time

• Beautiful waters can't be discovered without getting lost

• Paddle princess

• Kayaking is my therapy

• I like kayaking and maybe three people

• Life is better on the river

Clever Insta Captions For Your Kayaking Adventures

• More adventure

• Take me to the river

• Live, love, lake

• Kayak hair, don't care

• I kayak to burn out the crazy

• I could use a good paddling