15 Janelle Monáe Lyrics That Make the Best Instagram Captions

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"I will never stop making music."

Best Janelle Monae Instagram Captions

In the past few years, you've seen Janelle Monae everywhere.

Not only does she make critically lauded music, but her appearances live are electrifying and she's even made a successful transition to the silver screen in movies like Hidden Figures and Moonlight, among others. Show your love for this multifaceted superstar with great Instagram captions we've curated from her very best lyrics! For all things Janelle Monae, Women.com's got you covered!

Good Janelle Monae Instagram Captions

• I'll love you in this space and time – Dirty Computer

• Should know by the way I use my compression, That you've got the answers to my confessions – Make Me Feel

• Sometimes I wanna roll or stay at home, Walking contradiction, guess I'm factual and fiction – I Like That

• I am sharper than a switchblade, First and last of what God made and that's the truth – Givin' Em What They Love

• When you get elevated, They love it or they hate it, You dance up on them haters, Keep getting funky on the scene – Tightrope

Great Janelle Monae Instagram Captions

• So you think I'm alone? But being alone's the only way to be – Cold War

• Electric lady you're a star, You got a classic kind of crazy – Electric Lady

• This is my palace, champagne in my chalice, I got it all covered like a wedding band – Django Jane

• Come, let me kiss you right there, Wake you up like sunrise, On the backs of your thighs – Don't Judge Me

• But I really, really wanna thank you, For dancing 'til the end, You found a way to break out – Dance Apocalyptic

Inspirational Insta Captions From Janelle Monae

• War lived in me but love finally won – We Were Rock & Roll

• I wish they could just realize, That all you've ever needed was someone to free your mind – Ghetto Woman

• They say love is patient, love is kind, Love ain't never did a thing to mine – Can't Live Without Your Love

• Hold on, don't fight your war alone, Halo around you, don't have to face it on your own – Americans

• I'm the American dream, Just let me live my life – Crazy, Classic, Life