'Focus' on These 15 H.E.R. Lyrics to Use as Instagram Captions

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Best H.E.R. Instagram Captions

H.E.R. (Gabriella "Gabi" Wilson) is one artist to watch!

This up-and-comer won a Best R&B Album Grammy in 2019 for her self-titled album, H.E.R. Show your love for this soon to be soul superstar by featuring some of "her" words about love, loss and finding yourself on social media! We've curated a list of H.E.R.'s best lyrics to date that we feel would make great Instagram captions. For all things H.E.R., and music in general, Women.com has you covered!

Good H.E.R. Instagram Captions

• Careful where you plant them seeds before you water them – Lost Souls

• What good would it be, if I knew how you felt about me? – Could've Been

• I'm singin' 'cause I'm done screamin' out – Can't Help Me

• But lookin' in your eyes, I'm lifted, Can we make this tradition? – Losing

• Baby, the sound of you, Better than a harmony – Every Kind Of Way

Great H.E.R. Instagram Captions

• Can I tell you somethin' for what it's worth? With you, Heaven is a place on Earth – Take You There

• Every day I pray for mankind, We're all slaves to a generation socialized and sickness is in the mind – Lord Is Coming

• To my women with the utmost respect, intellect, We often forget and neglect intuition can see through illusive intent, listen to it – Against Me

• You're like the sweetest thing I know, Like my favorite love song – As I Am

• If you walked a mile using my feet, You would go a little easy on me – Fate

Clever Insta Captions From H.E.R.

• You're the coffee that I need in the morning, You're my sunshine in the rain when it's pouring – Best Part

• I'm merely tryna chill, but I'm impatient – Wait For It

• I hit all the notes that I know you like – Say It Again

• You can't make me love you If I don't – I Won't

• Lately, I been going through some changes, Been running out of maybes – Changes