It Won't Be Greek To You When You Share 16 Gyro IG Captions


Grab a gyro!

Best Gyro Instagram Captions

When it comes to street food, everyone has a favorite dish, and for many people it's the delicious gyro! Gyros are made using lamb, beef, pork or chicken combined with tomato, onion, and a yogurt sauce on pita bread. Sometimes french fries and vegetarian options are included to make a gyro even more yummy! If you love Greek cuisine in general and the gyro in particular, celebrate this dish with some great Instagram captions to show off your every gyro meal! For all things delicious, we've got you covered. Dig in and leave your Insta to us!

Good Gyro Instagram Captions

• Keep calm and eat a gyro

• Gyro snob

• Headed into the gyro sphere

• Greatest American Gyro

• Doing it Greek style

Great Gyro Instagram Captions

• Why be a zero when you can eat a gyro

• I can be your gyro baby

• I'm holding out for a gyro

• Peace, love and gyros

• There goes my gyro

• A gyro ain't nothin' but a sandwich

Fun Insta Quotes To Show Your Love For Gyros

• A balanced diet is a gyro in each hand

• Give me gyros or give me death

• Girls don't need heroes, they need gyros

• Happy New Gyro

• I falafel for having to break it to you this way, but I've already got a gyro

What is your favorite quote about gyros? We want to know!

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