Celebrate Your Glasses With These 15 Smart Instagram Captions

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Make a spectacle of yourself on Insta!

Best Glasses Instagram Captions

Glasses aren't what they used to be! Wearing specs went from nerdy to glam in about a generation, and there are all sorts of cool frames out there to choose from. If you wear glasses, show your four eyes off on social media with these great Instagram captions, and let us know which caption enhanced your eyesight on the 'gram. We've got you covered as far as the eye can see!

Good Glasses Instagram Captions

• Be SPECtacular

• I can see clearly now

• I have specs appeal

• They said carrots would be good for my eyes—they lied

• See the world through rose-colored glasses

Great Glasses Instagram Captions

• Four eyes are better than two

• Talk nerdy to me

• I can't think without my glasses 

• Stay shady

• Life is too short for boring glasses

Inspirational Insta Quotes For Your Glasses

• "I look most like myself... when I'm wearing my black, nerdy engineering glasses." – Junot Diaz

• "Most of my childhood is a big blur, 'cause I needed better glasses." – Wendy Liebman

• "I'm blind without my glasses." – Adam Ant

• "Do not expect the world to look bright, if you habitually wear gray-brown glasses." – Charles William Eliot

• "Glasses, earrings, rings, sneakers. I love every little accessory." – J Balvin