15 Instagram Captions for Your French Fries That Are Mouthwatering

french fries

French fried Insta captions!

Best Instagram Captions For Your Love Of French Fries

Is there a better fast food side than French fries? Everyone loves them and the crispier the better! If French fries are your go-to comfort food we've got just the thing—great Instagram captions. From thick to thin, curly to shoestring, sweet potato to white potato and everything in between there's something for everyone when it comes to French fries. Who isn't happier behind a plate? For all things delicious, fried and smothered in ketchup, we've got you covered!

Good Instagram Captions For Your Love Of French Fries

• Fries before guys

• Fri-day

• Keep your eyes on the fries

• I speak French fries

• I'm happier than a bird with a French fry

Great French Fry Insta Captions

• I don't want your opinion, I want French Fries

• Exercise? I thought you said fries!

• I believe I can fry

• French fries made me do it

• I only have fries for you

Clever French Fry Insta Captions

• Keep your friends close and your French Fries closer

• French fries and tasty vibes

• We go together like French fries and ketchup

• Fry me a river

• Excuse my French (fries)