15 Powerful Frank Ocean Quotes

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Make waves with these great Frank Ocean quotes!

Best Frank Ocean Instagram Captions

Frank Ocean is a talented, mysterious rapper who hasn't released a full album since 2016's 'Blonde', but just dropped two singles, 'In My Room' and 'DHL' and is teasing more music to come in 2020! His lyrics have made him a legend among fans (he started his career as a writer before getting in front of the mic himself) who wait with bated breath for his next move. Show your love for Frank Ocean by using some of his hottest lyrics as Instagram captions to make your pics pop!

Good Frank Ocean Instagram Captions

• "Got this lust for life, horny for the game" – In My Room

• "We'll let you guys prophesy, we gon' see the future first" – Nike

• "I will be honest, I wasn't devastated, but you could've held my hand through this, baby" – Close To You

• "When I lay down, facing you, I can feel my eyelids glow" – Back

• "A couple words, I'm comin runnin, you got 'em, I'm just sayin" – U Got It

Great Frank Ocean Instagram Captions

• "When I feel what I feel, sometimes it's hard to tell you so" – (At Your Best) You Are

• "I don't know if I ever told you this before, before, But you're the only one I ever waited for"  – Let Me

• "When them stars shine too beautiful at night, I shed two tears" – 4 Tears

• "When I'm up they gon' hate" – Sideways

• "I see both sides like Chanel" – Chanel

Inspirational Insta Captions From Frank Ocean

• "Keep pushing on 'em, never let 'em stop" – Rushes

• "I will always love you how I do" – Godspeed

• "Darker times, they're tellin' boulder heavy lies" – Voodoo

• "Some nights you dance with tears in your eyes" – Self Control

• "To the edge I'll race you, to the end I'll make it – Pretty Sweet

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