15 Food Truck IG Captions That'll Make You Want to Quit Your Job and Join

food truck

Flaunt your food truck love!

Best Food Truck Instagram Captions

Food trucks are relatively new to the American culinary scene and feature everything from the junkiest of junk foods to top-notch cuisine! If some of your favorite meals have come from a food truck, share your love of this new way to eat on social media with these great Instagram captions! Your favorite foods are not coming to you by way of delicious food trucks—what a great and yummy time to be alive. For all things food trucks, we've got you covered!

Good Food Truck Instagram Captions

• Rockin' and rollin' restaurant

• Trucking awesome

• Taco bout a party bus

• Waffles on wheels

• The fastest food on the highway

Great Food Truck Instagram Captions

• Burger, she drove

• Happiness is the smell coming from a food truck

• Nothing beats your first meal from a food truck

• Keep on food truckin'

• Buckle up, ice cream cup!

Clever Insta Captions For Your Love Of Food Trucks

• Follow the flavor wherever it goes

• Food trucks are love made mobile

• Meals on wheels

• I'm soy into food trucks

• Life happens—food trucks help