Make It 'Magdalene' With These 15 FKA Twigs Instagram Captions

Celebrate 'Magdalene' on social media!

Best FKA Twigs Instagram Captions

Celebrate multi-talented FKA Twigs and her sophomore album with some of her best lyrics for Instagram captions. Originally a dancer, Twigs paired choreography and elegant visuals with her experimental sound in 'Magdalene.' Lyrically she brought the good and the bad experiences of the past few years to this album, from her clothing line to her breakup with actor Rob Pattinson and everything in between. If you love the sultry, unique vibes of FKA Twigs, share her words with your pics to make them pop!

Good FKA Twigs Instagram Captions

• "I didn't know that you were lonely, If you'd have just told me, I'd be home with you" – Home With You

• "Lemme do my dance in this bitch, gon' get case closed" – Holy Terrain

• "I'll come when you ask me" – Ache

• "Let me live through your vice" – Figure 8

• "If I walk out the door, It starts our last goodbye" – Thousand Eyes

Great FKA Twigs Instagram Captions

• "I don't want you to think that I see through you, When all I see is the reflection of who you are not" – Breathe

• "Space, The only thing I have of you" – Hide

• "But I just want to feel you there, And I don't want to have to share our love" – Cellophane

• "Taste the fruit of me, Make love to all you see" – Sad Day

• "Stop playing with those other girls, It makes me jealous baby" – I'm Your Doll

Fun Insta Lyrics From FKA Twigs

• "I'm fever for the fire, True as Mary Magdalene" – Mary Magdalene

• "Don't try to cover me from what I'm feeling"– FKA x inc

• "Aching is my laughter, Busy is my pastime" – Day Bed

• "Don't tell of this place, It's for me and you only" – Ultraviolet

• "But I'm never gonna give up, Though I'm probably gonna think about you all the time" – Mirrored Heart

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