Have Twice the Fun When Using 15 Double Date IG Captions This Weekend


Dating that's twice the fun!

Best Double Date Instagram Captions

A double date can be the best of all worlds! It involves friends and romance for an unforgettable night out. Whether you hit the movies, grab a bite to eat at an out of the way restaurant or take a day trip, going on a double date is always twice the fun. Of course, you'll want to save your dating memories on social media, and when you do, we've got the best Instagram captions to give your photos that little something extra. So sit back, relax and enjoy your double date—we've got you covered!

Good Double Date Instagram Captions

• Double couple trouble

• When it comes to love we're twinning

• Two couples are better than one

• Double your pleasure, double your fun

• Attack of the clone couples

Great Double Date Instagram Captions

• Fellow friends in love

• Love is a doubly splendored thing

• We're all taken and double datin'

• We out

• A great couple of couples

Fun Insta Captions For Your Double Date

• Doubled up and in love

• Teaming up for trivia night

• A romantic dinner for four

• We're a cheap date

• The friends who date together, stay together

What is your favorite quote about going on a double date? We want to know!

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