15 Deliciously Cheesy Doritos Instagram Captions

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Crunchy, cheesy Insta captions!

Best Doritos Instagram Captions

How much do you love Doritos? This snack food has been a favorite since 1964 when they were pretty much just tortilla chips. They've certainly evolved since then, and are a favorite of most everyone! If Doritos is your go-to treat, show the world how much you love these “little golden things” with some great Instagram captions. For all things crunchy AND tasty, we've got you covered!

Good Doritos Instagram Captions

• I'm down with Doritos

• You'll never make everyone happy. You're not Doritos!

• Friends are temporary. Doritos are forever

• A day without Doritos is like a day without sunshine

• Doritos driven!

Great Insta Captions To Show Your Love Of Doritos

• All I care about are Doritos and like three people

• Doritos and I are Insta official

• These are nacho Doritos

• Get someone who looks at you the way you look at Doritos

• That painful moment when the roof of your mouth gets stabbed by a Dorito—I like to live dangerously

Clever Insta Quotes To Show Your Love Of Doritos

• “The online music magazine Pitchfork once wrote that I would collaborate with anyone for a bag of Doritos.”- David Byrne

• "I like to think of Doritos as emotional packing material to safeguard the feelings I've swallowed."- Dana Gould

• "A Dorito asks nothing of you, which is its great gift."- Aimee Bender

• "On Super Bowl Sunday, I thought, 'Surrender to it. It's nacho time.' Then I ate nothing but Doritos all day." - Kristen Bell

• "Do I midnight snack? Not a lot, but sometimes. And it's usually Doritos Cooler Ranch."- Clint Mathis

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