15 Sweet Cuffing Season Instagram Captions


Tis' the season!

Best Cuffing Season Instagram Captions

Looking for someone to share the holidays with? You may not know it, but there's a name for that—cuffing season. The term describes people who are normally single or in casual relationships looking for something more serious that lasts from October to just after Valentine's Day! If that sounds like you or someone you know, post your cuffing season pics with these great Instagram captions! No one likes to be alone during the holidays, so take your time and find just the right person to spend them with. We've got you covered for all things social media!

Good Cuffing Season Instagram Captions

• Fake date me, anyone?

• I'm single, but you're welcome to change that

• "I miss you, how have you been" season is approaching

• Hubby me up this season

• Is it cold enough to get cuffed yet?

Great Cuffing Season Instagram Captions

• I would make cuffing season last all year for you

• Keep calm, cuffing season is on

• Time to shop on eBae

• Why be lonely?

• I'm cuffing for the benefits

Fun Insta Quotes About Cuffing Season

• Did you get drafted during cuffing season?

• If you're secretly in love with me, now's the time to let me know

• Coupling for cuffing season

• Tis the season to make it happen

• What happens during cuffing season, stays in cuffing season

What is your favorite quote about cuffing season? We want to know!

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