15 Cody Simpson Lyrics That Make Magical Instagram Captions


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Best Cody Simpson Instagram Captions

Many people know Cody Simpson as Miley Cyrus' latest squeeze, but he's a formidable talent in his own right. Simpson, who hails from Australia, is a musician, singer, songwriter, dancer and actor. He's had had many hit pop songs in his lengthy career—he was a teen idol, after all—and his lyrics make for the perfect Instagram captions! We've curated some of our favorites to make your pics pop—hopefully you'll love them too!

Good Cody Simpson Instagram Captions

• "I sing softly to her, In the last daylight, And the chorus of birds, In the heights of night" – Golden Thing

• "But being here with you, That's what love is all about" – That's What Love Is All About

• "I'm underwater 'cause I'm drowning in your body" – Underwater

• "Like hiding gemstones in the warm sand, we all wish to drift away" – Palm Of Your Hand

• "Don't let me go, don't let me out of your sight anymore" – Don't Let Me Go

Great Cody Simpson Instagram Captions

• "All I want for Christmas, Is the feel the way I felt when I was 17"– I Will Never Find Another You

• "I always thought that love at first sight was something just make believe, Till the day you walked by and for the first time, I couldn't find the words to speak" – Ay Na Na

• "Trust me and keep your eyes on the horizon" – Horizon

• "I'm having a hard time letting go, I wish I could call to let you know" – Siren Song

• "She looks good in the morning sun, But even better with the tie-dye on" – Free

Fun Insta Lyrics From Cody Simpson

• "Somebody put a guitar in my hands, Cause Imma play all day 'til the sunshine ends" – Ramona

• "She's looking up while you're looking down, turn your whole world upside down for a kiss" – Still Smiling

• "And I know you believe in angels, Did you know I believe in you" – I'm Your Friend

• "Cause you know I'm never in a rush, What I got is more than enough"– Livin Easy

• "She's like a medicine to a sick mind" – Thotful

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