15 Christine and the Queens Lyrics That Work for Any Instagram Post

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"Success never heals."

Best Christine and the Queens Lyrics

French singer, songwriter, choreographer, and dancer Héloïse Adelaide Letissier of Christine and the Queens blurs the lines between the mediums of theatre, dance and rock n' and roll. Much like David Bowie and Lou Reed before her, she lyrically plays with the concepts of sexuality and androgyny, and her words also make terrific Instagram captions! We've curated our 15 favorite Christine and the Queens' verses just for you add to your favorite photos! For all things music AND Christine and the Queens, we've got you covered!

Good Christine and the Queens Lyrics

• I'm in for shady insomnia – Cripple

• A loving hand and daring kiss, Now watch here's everything you miss – Narcissus Is Back

• There's a pride in my singing, The thickness of a new skin – Comme Si

• Some of us just had to fight, For even being looked at right – 5 Dollars

• Then it occurred to me that you might be the one – Feels So Good

Great Christine and the Queens Lyrics

• Now I've got to have some patience with the rhythm then you get strong – Safe and Holy

• Where there can be no question, There can be no love – Drifter

• That's a way to truly be seen, By furiously scheming in – The Walker

• It took courage to loosen their solid embrace – The Stranger

• If you are willing then drink the loving cup, Join the falling stars – The Loving Cup

Clever Insta Lyrics From Christine and the Queens

• I'll rule over my all my dead impersonations – IT

• If everyone is a disguise, I choose my own way to arise – Starshipper

• Don't let anything be lost – Here

• Without distraught there's no beauty – Ugly-Pretty

• I'm lingering on when they kiss, Leaning towards this abyss – Doesn't Matter