15 Capri Instagram Captions That Are Almost As Beautiful As The Real Deal


Celebrate the island of Capri!

Best Capri Instagram Captions

Capri, Italy is just off the Amalfi Coast and is famed for its gorgeous island landscape, upscale hotels, designer shopping, and its beaches are not too bad either! The place is so picturesque, we're sure you'll take plenty of pictures. When you do, we've got some great Instagram captions to compliment them. All you need to do is plan your itinerary, pack your bags, and sit seaside enjoying the view from Capri's stunning shores, which are perfect for a romantic getaway or just a day trip on your own. Happy travels—we've got you covered!

Good Capri Instagram Captions

• Fun in the Capri sun

• Capri is the place for me

• If you loved me, we'd be in Capri

• Capri is always a good idea

• You, me, and Capri

Great Capri Instagram Captions

• Capri is my happy place

• Capri is a combination of magic and pasta

• Capri is calling and I must go

• Girls just wanna have sun

Inspirational Insta Quotes About Capri

• "Our girl's going to Capri for fun. We've got an Italian island vibe." – Christian Siriano

• "A man who has not been in Italy; is always conscious of an inferiority." –  Samuel Johnson

• "Capri on the Amalfi Coast in Italy is my ultimate holiday destination." – Vidal Sassoon

• "In Italy, they add work and life on to food and wine." – Robin Leach

• "For us to go to Italy and to penetrate into Italy is like a most fascinating act of self-discovery." – D.H. Lawrence

• "'Twas on the Isle of Capri that I found her" –  Frank Sinatra

What is your favorite quote about Capri? We want to know!

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