18 Quotes To Celebrate The Much Anticipated ‘Friends’ Reunion

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I'll be there for you!

Best 'Friends' Quotes

This year the hit TV show 'Friends' reached a 25-year milestone and the cast announced a reunion on HBO in 2020! Even though it has been off the air since 2004, it is still red hot. To celebrate your love of 'Friends,' check out these these hilarious quotes from Monica, Rachel, Ross, Joey, Chandler and Phoebe! There's no denying the impact 'Friends' has made on our culture and has continued make as new generations discover it on streaming. We can't wait to see what the future has in store for our favorite group of TV pals!

Good 'Friends' Quotes

• "How you doin'?"– Joey

• "I'm not so good with the advice... Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?" – Chandler

• "I grew up in a house with Monica, okay. If you didn't eat fast, you didn't eat." – Ross

• "If you want to receive emails about my upcoming shows, then please give me money so I can buy a computer." – Phoebe

• "Guys can fake it? Unbelievable! The one thing that's ours!" – Monica

• “They don’t know that we know they know we know.” – Phoebe

Great 'Friends' Quotes

• "I don't want my baby's first words to be "How you doin?'" – Rachel

• "I'm Joey. I'm disgusting. I make low-budget adult films." – Joey

• "A no sex pact! I have one of those with every woman in America!" – Ross

• "Chandler and Monica! Chandler and Monica! My eyes! My eyes!" – Phoebe

• "If I had to, I'd pee on any one of you!" – Joey

• “Your little Harmonica is hammered.” – Monica

Hilarious Quotes From 'Friends'

• "Oh, one really does have a stick up one's ass, doesn't one." – Phoebe

• “Up until I was 25 I thought the only response to ‘I love you’ was ‘Oh, crap.’” – Chandler

• “It hurts my Joey’s apple." – Joey

• "See? He’s her lobster.” – Phoebe

• “Hi, I’m Chandler. I make jokes when I’m uncomfortable.” – Chandler

• “This is all a moo point.” – Joey

What is your favorite quote from 'Friends'? We want to know!

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