Love Your Airpods? We Have 15 Instagram Captions for Headphones

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Are you all about airpods?

Best Airpods Instagram Captions

If you love listening to music, you may be one of the lucky few who gets to do it on Apple airpods! These wireless headphones have become a bit of a status symbol and sell out all the time. In other words, if you have airpods, consider yourself lucky! Give a shout out to your airpods with these great Instagram captions. For all things Apple, we've got you covered!

Good Airpods Instagram Captions

• Always airpods

• Wireless, effortless, magical

• The only way to listen

• Link different

• No strings attached

Great Insta Captions For Airpods

• Wear wireless

• Warming your ears with wireless music

•  Music the way it should be

• Don't talk to me when my airpods are on

• Turn up the music

Clever Insta Quotes For Airpods

• "You're using your headphones to drown out your mind."– Regina Spektor

• "My favorite thing to do is put my headphones on and cruise around the old neighborhoods"–Mark Duplass

• "AirPods have squirmed their way into my life. I use them every day, and I always know where they are and if they're charged or not."– Adam Scott

• "Airpods in. Volume up. Ignore the world."– Unknown

• "Airpods on, world off."– Unknown