Quiz: Can You Pass This Lifeguard Entrance Exam?

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Do you have what it takes?

Do you think you have what it takes to save lives at the beach or the pool? Take this quiz to find out if you could be a lifeguard this summer!

 Aug 08, 2018
1 of 18Choose Your Answer:
True or false: CPR should always be performed out of the water.
2 of 18Choose Your Answer:
Which of the following does not require a life preserver?
Beach volleyball
3 of 18Choose Your Answer:
E.A.P. stands for what?
Emergency Action Plan
Emergency Active Project
Elite Action Plan
4 of 18Choose Your Answer:
If the water is murky and lifeguard can't see the bottom, how should they enter?
Deep dive
Head first
5 of 18Choose Your Answer:
A lifeguard has a legal responsibility to act in an emergency. This legal term is known as what?
Hippocratic Oath
Duty to Act
Good Samaritan Law
6 of 18Choose Your Answer:
A lifefeguard will spend most of their time doing what?
Chatting with other lifeguards
Patron surveillance
7 of 18Choose Your Answer:
What color is a lifeguard's swimsuit?
8 of 18Choose Your Answer:
If there is a riptide, how should you swim?
Away from it
Parallel to it
Into it
9 of 18Choose Your Answer:
What is the minimum age for U.S. lifeguards?
10 of 18Choose Your Answer:
What is a symptom of a head, neck, or spinal injury?
Blood in the ears and nose
Swollen ankles
11 of 18Choose Your Answer:
What should you do if there is a weather-related power failure near a pool?
Clear everybody out of the pool
Let people just put their feet in
Let people swim in the dark
12 of 18Choose Your Answer:
What is the the zone in which a lifeguard conducts surveillance called?
Area of Responsibility
Area of Action
Beach Station
13 of 18Choose Your Answer:
What rescue equipment is used to maintain stabilization and secure a head, neck, or back injury victim?
Boogie Board
14 of 18Choose Your Answer:
True or false: Testing the pool water chemistry is the primary responsibility of a lifeguard.
15 of 18Choose Your Answer:
How long is an American Red Cross lifeguard certification good for?
2 years
5 years
10 years
16 of 18Choose Your Answer:
If you give care to a victim, but then stop without good reason, you could be held liable for what?
17 of 18Choose Your Answer:
What position should a person be in to receive CPR?
On their back
Sitting up
On their side
18 of 18Choose Your Answer:
How close should parents be to their children while swimming?
Just somewhere in the water
At arms length
Watching from the beach or poolside
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Were you ever a lifeguard? Did you spend summers are the pool or at the beach protecting people? Do you know how to spot a drowning person in any body of water? Do you know how to do CPR? Are you an expert swimmer who knows how to navigate any body of water? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you might just have what it takes to save a life.

Lifeguards don't just sit around at the beach or by the pool all summer. They perform a valuable service—saving lives in the water. With a lifeguard nearby, you can relax a little more than you would normally, knowing there's a skilled first responder nearby should anything go wrong. Lifeguards are prepared for every water emergency you can think of, from bites to drowning and more.

Sure, you may be great in action, but you have yet to prove your mettle on this quiz! To do so, answer these 18 fun and challenging questions on what it takes to be a lifeguard and what is expected of you while on the job!

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