Jeopardy Quiz: Italian Edition! Barely Anyone Can Score Above 75%

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Are you a real pisan?

If you grew up Italian, or love the culture, answer these Jeopardy-style questions about what it is to be Italian!

 Aug 15, 2018

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This is the predominate religion for Italians.
What is Jewish?
What is Catholic?
What is Buddhist?

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This pasta dish was first made in America.
What is spaghetti and meatballs?
What is gnocchi?
What is fettuccine Alfredo?

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The Italian flag is red white and this color.
What is green?
What is blue?
What is black?

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This is the main ingredient of pesto.
What is basil?
What is garlic?
What is pepper?

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This pasta looks like bowties.
What is gnocchi?
What is farfalle?
What is rigatoni?

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This woman is your nonna.
Who is a grandmother?
Who is a mother?
Who is a cousin?

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This is another name for sauce.
What is soup?
What is gravy?
What is stew?

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This is the first solid food you ate as a baby.
What is toast?
What is pastina?
What is oatmeal?

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This dance occurs at Italian wedding receptions.
What is the Tango?
What is the Polka?
What is the Tarantella?

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This alcoholic beverage is often homemade.
What is wine?
What is whisky?
What is beer?

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This is a type of Italian cookie.
What are pizzelles?
What are cannoli?
What are sugar cookies?

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This item is said to bring good luck.
What is a four leaf clover?
What is a corno?
What is a rabbits foot?

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This Italian-American celebrity is known as "Ol' Blue Eyes."
Who is Tony Bennett?
Who is Frank Sinatra?
Who is Dean Martin?

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This body of water surrounds Italy.
What is the Red Sea?
What is the Mediterranean Sea?
What is the Atlantic Ocean?

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He painted the Mona Lisa.
Who is Van Gogh?
Who is Leonardo da Vinci?
Who is Michelangelo?

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This Italian town was destroyed by a volcano in 79AD.
What is Rome?
What is Turin?
What is Pompeii?

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This small country is within Italy's borders.
What is Vatican City?
What is Morocco?
What is Lichtenstein?

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Italy is shaped like this article of clothing.
What is a boot?
What is a shoe?
What is a coat?
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Are you Italian? Did you grow up in an Italian family or do you have an appreciation of Italian culture? Do you enjoy big family dinners on specific days of the week? Did you grow up with cultural elements that were carried from generation to generation in your family? Do you love and respect Italy's art, culture, and world-changing inventions? Do you know a whole lot of Italian slang? Do you enjoy the TV show Jeopardy!? If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, this is the quiz for you!

Even if you're not from an Italian family, you may know more than you think—Italian culture has influenced other cultures worldwide! The rest of the world is at least a little bit familiar with Italy and people of Italian descent because—well, who hasn't enjoyed a pizza, pasta, or driving down a road? (That's right—if you didn't already know, roads were created during the Roman empire!)

If you love Alex Trebek's game of trivia and you're an authentic Italian—or an Italian in spirit—you might be savvy enough to get a high score on this fun, but challenging, quiz! Sit down, put your feet up and your thinking cap on and make your family proud by acing this quiz about what it is that makes being Italian so great! For just a few minutes, immerse yourself in your Italian culture and your favorite game show! Buona Fortuna to you, or, as they say in English, good luck!