Quiz: Only Someone With Italian Ancestry Can Get 100% On This. Can You?

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Are you a paisan?

If you grew up Italian, you'll be able to answer these questions about Italian culture, food and slang!

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Are you of Italian descent? If you grew up in an Italian family or just have an appreciation of Italian culture, then this may be the quiz for you!

Even if you're not from an Italian family, you may know more than you think, as Italian culture has influenced other cultures worldwide! The rest of the world is at least a little bit familiar with Italy, because—well, who hasn't enjoyed a pizza, pasta, or driving down a road? (If you didn't already know, roads were created during the Roman empire!)

How much do you know about Italian culture? Do you enjoy big family dinners on specific days of the week? Did you grow up religious or with superstitions that were carried down from generation to generation in your family? Did you grow up with respect for Italy's art, culture, and world-changing inventions? Do you know a whole lot of Italian slang? If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, this is the quiz for you! If you're a true Italian—or an Italian in spirit—you might be savvy enough to get a high score on this fun, but challenging, test! So, what are you waiting for—sit down, put your feet up, your thinking cap on and make your family proud by acing this quiz about what it is that makes bei ng Italian so great! For just a few minutes, immerse yourself in your Italian culture! Buona fortuna to you! Or, as they say in English, good luck!

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