Can You Actually Score A 20/20 On This Insane Knowledge Quiz?

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Are you a smart cookie?

Test your knowledge of all this trivia during this fun but challenging quiz! How much do YOU think you know?

 Dec 24, 2018
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So you think you have what it takes to do some severe trivia damage? Do you think you have a big brain? Are you using all of your intellectual might? Do people comment on how smart you are? Well, it's time to put your vast intellect to the test! This is your chance to prove you've got what it takes to pass this quiz!

Some of the best and brightest minds have tread this path before, as they tried, but failed, to get a perfect score! You, however, just might just be different! We believe you not only have a strong competitive streak, but a brain to match your brawn! And we think you use far more of your brain than the Average Joe!

By playing a quiz, you're not only going to enjoy yourself, but you're going to work your mind out too! You're exposing it to new things and while you probably know all the answers here—you ARE a trivia whiz, after all—there is a chance you may learn something you DIDN'T know, and everyone can use a little extra knowledge, don't you think?

So, use that brain power! Roll up those sleeves, get comfortable and relax as you prepare to answer these eighteen questions about a range of subjects, which span from geography, history, pop culture, language, medicine, and more and see how well you know these general knowledge questions and topics. We believe in you, and we have no doubt you'll ace this fun trivia quiz! Good luck!