This Quiz Will Determine Once And For All, Who Is In The High IQ Society

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IQ MUST be off the charts to pass!

By answering 25 fun but challenging random trivia questions this quiz will reveal everyone's wits! Ready for the challenge?

 Feb 04, 2019
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Intelligence is a key factor to livelihood. Overall, intelligence makes the world go round. Now, this quiz requires the brightest. I mean it's all about the survival of the fittest correct?

Now everyone believes that they themselves are wise beyond their years but how could one truly know if they are or aren't without hard FACTUAL evidence. Only a true genius would put their money where there mouth is. This quiz allows them to put that vast intellect to the test! Only some have what it takes to truly pass this general trivia quiz with flying colors! Without the necessary brain power to tackle these intense trivia questions will result in utter failure. But someone who is wise should not fear. In fact, they should be excited by the idea of a test. What genius wouldn't want to take on and beat an online quiz? Now, the time has come. It's time to answer all kinds of random, fascinating facts!

By playing a quiz, there is a chance some of the information will be new! It's fun to learn random fun facts, isn't it? So, put on that thinking cap, roll up those sleeves, get comfortable and relax because it's time to answer these eighteen questions about a range of subjects, which span science, history, pop culture, language, medicine, and more! sends their regards because we know a good luck is needed! Come on now, time to put that brain power to it's limits because we have no doubt you'll ace this fun trivia quiz!

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