This Is The Hardest Queen Quiz You'll Ever Take. Can You Pass?

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Are you a Queen champion?

How well do you know Queen? Take this quiz to answer challenging questions about this iconic rock band and find out!

 Aug 09, 2018

1 of 18Name This Queen Song:

"Ooh, each morning I get up I die a little can barely stand on my feet..."
Killer Queen
Somebody To Love
Radio Gaga

2 of 18Choose Your Answer:

Queen recorded the soundtrack to which movie?
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
Flash Gordon

3 of 18Choose Your Answer:

Which fellow musician did Queen perform "Under Pressure" with?
John Lennon
Elton John
David Bowie

4 of 18Finish These Queen Lyrics:

"Take a back seat, hitch-hike, and take a long ride on my _____________."

5 of 18Choose Your Answer:

Which of these songs is NOT by Queen?
Bennie And The Jets
The Show Must Go On
We Are The Champions

6 of 18Name This Queen Song:

"Oh, won't you take me home tonight? Oh, down beside your red firelight."
Fat Bottomed Girls
I Want It All
Bohemian Rhapsody

7 of 18Choose Your Answer:

What is Freddie Mercury's real name?
Fred Rogers
Frederic Forrest
Farrokh Bulsara

8 of 18Finish These Queen Lyrics:

"It's you you're all I see, Ooh you make me live now _____________."

9 of 18Name This Queen Song:

"She keeps Moet et Chandon in her pretty cabinet."
Killer Queen
Don't Stop Me Now
Fat Bottomed Girls

10 of 18Choose Your Answer:

Freddie Mercury released a solo album called:
Mr. Bad Guy
Meet Mr. Mercury

11 of 18Choose Your Answer:

Who is Queen's bass player?
John Entwistle
Brian May
John Deacon

12 of 18Name This Queen Song:

"Ain't no sound but the sound of his feet, machine guns ready to go..."
We Will Rock You
Sheer Heart Attack
Another One Bites The Dust

13 of 18Choose Your Answer:

Which song is John Wayne mentioned in?
Play The Game
Your My Best Friend
Bicycle Race

14 of 18Choose Your Answer:

Freddie Mercury wrote the song "Delilah" which was about his:

15 of 18Choose Your Answer:

Freddie Mercury was born and raised in London, England. True or False?

16 of 18Choose Your Answer:

Freddie Mercury attended Ealing College and studied:

17 of 18Finish These Queen Lyrics:

"Too late, my time __________ sends shivers down my spine, body's aching all the time..."
Has ended
Has come
Is over

18 of 18Choose Your Answer:

Who was the last member to join the band?
Brian May
Freddie Mercury
John Deacon
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Since the early '70s, the band Queen has impacted rock n' roll like few before them! Led by the flamboyant Freddie Mercury, Queen and its theatrical blend of hard rock resonated with fans right out of the gate and has never really gone away. Mercury died in 1991, and while most bands don't survive such a huge loss, Queen did. With the addition of "American Idol" star Adam Lambert, the group continues to sell out stadiums to this day. Pretty amazing for almost five decades in the business! Few bands have made their mark the way Queen has, and if you're the ultimate fan, you'll be able to answer questions about all things Queen!

Do you remember the songs that rocked harder than most? Do you know the band's members and what they're famous for? Do you remember classics like "We Will Rock You," "We Are The Champions," "Bohemian Rhapsody," "Someone To Love," "Killer Queen," "Under Pressure," "Crazy Little Thing Called Love," and so many more? If you said "yes," test your musical knowledge and perfect memory of Queen and their song lyrics with this fun and challenging quiz. specializes in quizzes of all sorts. Whatever your passion, we can quiz you on it! Visit to check out some of our other viral content too! Our goal is to make people feel good about who they are—so take a breath, stop whatever you're doing, and get ready to have a little fun. This three-minute escape is exactly what you need!